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Our Technology

'Debt Management System'
When ARC was incorporated, a ready made, proprietary collection database could have been purchased 'off the shelf'. However, acquiring such a system would have proved restrictive to ARC's development and as we had a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, we designed and built a bespoke Debt Management System ('DMS'). Since those early days, DMS has continued to develop in order to meet our clients' changing requirements.

DMS manages all aspects of our collections process from account loading, letter and telephone generation, account notation, payment management and client referral/reporting. MIS reporting to clients can be fully automated from either our standard or a bespoke suite of reports. The reports are automatically emailed to clients at the times/days they specify.

Client Referral
DMS has a proven 'hold and refer' programme to bring tenable disputes and defences to a client's attention. This escalation process is vitally important as it ensures compliance with regulatory rules, guidance and procedures and it helps to resolve genuine disputes at an earlier stage and will ultimately help in protecting our client's reputation.

Telephone 'dialler' technology - maximises contact, leading to increased collections. We also use SMS technology (Text Messages) at appropriate times of the collections strategy.

Telephone call recording – as we place such high priority on protecting our clients' reputation, we have a fully automated call recording system which is used for training/quality purposes and enables us to prove our compliance whilst following our client's instructions.

Interactive Voice Recognition technology (IVR) and a secure Web Access link - allows payments to be taken and processed 24 hours a day.