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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are ARC?

ARC (Europe) Limited are a debt collection company acting on behalf of creditors to resolve outstanding debts.

Why have you contacted me?

We have contacted you in relation to an outstanding debt. Our aim is to contact you as soon as possible in order to resolve the situation swiftly and effectively for all parties.

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options on 01932 251 000, the sooner we hear from you the quicker the situation can be resolved. Once the matter is fully resolved, if appropriate our client will update your credit file if they have previously registered a default.

If you think we have contacted you in error, please call us to discuss on 01932 251 000.

If you wish to obtain a copy of your credit file, please click here for links to Call Credit, Equifax and Experian.

When making contact with your office by telephone I am asked to confirm details such as my full name, date of birth, and other personal information. Why do I have to do this?

We are required by law under the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure we are speaking to the correct person before discussing any account. It is our obligation to protect your personal data under the act.

What are your business hours?

Monday to Thursday  8am – 8pm
Friday  8am – 7pm
Saturday  9am – 1pm

How do I contact you?

Please contact us by phone on 01932 251 000.

Outside of these hours we can receive payment through our payment hotline, please call 01332 647693 and follow our secure payment instructions.

Alternatively, please make a secure payment via our online payment system. Please click here to be re-directed.

By post
ARC (Europe) Ltd
Kent House
Churchfield Road
KT12 2TU

By email

How do I make payment?

Please see our How to Pay section by clicking here

I want to make payment but cannot afford the full balance immediately?

Please contact our call centre on 01932 251 000 as soon as possible and we will consider your payment proposal.

I have an existing arrangement with you but my financial circumstances have changed what should I do?

Please contact us on 01932 251 000 to discuss and update us with your current circumstances. We can then ensure that your debt is managed with a suitable solution based on your financial circumstances.

How do I change my payment date?

Please contact us on 01932 251 000 in order to discuss this.

I am in financial difficulty, can I pay by instalments?

If you contact us on 01932 251 000 we will consider your personal and financial circumstances and seek to agree an appropriate, affordable, and sustainable instalment plan.

Can you provide me with a document to help me calculate my income and expenditure?

Please click here to download our statement of income and expenditure or you may fill out and submit our new interactive Budget Calculator form.

How can I seek independent advice?

Please click here to see our Consumer Advice section for links to free debt advice services.

I have appointed a third party to manage my debts on my behalf, what should I do now?

Please forward all correspondence onto your third party immediately and ask them to contact us in order to reach a solution on your behalf. In order to stop your account progressing to a later stage please call us on 01932 251 000 to provide us the details for your appointed third party.

I have received a letter addressed to somebody that doesn't live at this address?

Please contact us on 01932 251 000 to make us aware.

I don't believe that I owe the debt?

If this is the case, please contact us on 01932 251 000 as soon as possible. Please provide any supporting information you may have, this will enable us to consider your dispute and refer the matter to our client if required.

What if I ignore your letters?

Unfortunately if we are unable to communicate with you, your account may be subject to further action. In the interest of all parties, our aim is to communicate with you as early as possible to prevent any escalation and to reach a resolution at the earliest convenience. Please contact us on 01932 251 000 so we can assist you in resolving the matter.

Should you fail to engage with us and we are instructed to commence further action, we will be obliged to refer to your failure to contact us at that time.

Are your calls recorded?

Calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

If I am not happy with the service I have received from you, what can I do?

ARC always seeks to act in a professional, ethical, and courteous manner and adhere to the Credit Services Association and industry guidance. For further information, please click here to see our Complaint Process.

If you're not happy with the service you have received, please call us on 01932 251 000 to make us aware.

If you have already spoken with us and still have concerns, please write to:

Compliance Manager
ARC (Europe) Ltd
Kent House
Churchfield Road
KT12 2TU